Graz Lagrangian Model

Release Notes (v23.11)

New features

  • The application has been transformed to .NET8
    • With .NET8, the current performance improvements and bug fixes are adopted
      A MONO version of the GUI is also available for Linux users
  • The GRAL release is no longer published as all-in-one file by default
    • This means that user must install .NET8 Runtime (Windows OS requires the .NET8 Desktop Runtime) and therefore benefits in several ways
      ▪ Smaller published files
      ▪ Fewer false warnings from anti-virus programs
      ▪ Better performance
      ▪ Individual setting options from Runtime for the respective computer in the *.runtimecon-fig.json file
      ▪ Same compilation for Windows, Linux and MacOS

For windows users, a published version as a single-fill is still available in a separate download

Changes in ...

  • Layout Manager, Screenshot
  • Scale bar and contour map color scale
  • “Select multiple points”-Dialog
  • Enable a user defined path for the emission modulation settings and result files
  • Additional output in the evaluation info forms
  • Rendering contour maps when needed only


Bug fixes

  • Layout Manager: The variable position of the color scale has been solved, if multiple scales were visible
  • Use the anemometer height of a local observation as default value for - the meteorological classifi-cation
  • Prevent the pollutant type from being changed while the modulation is being set
  • Fix incorrectly displayed emission factors for the receptor evaluation and provide an option to cancel the receptor evaluation
  • Use new functions for searching files within the project path - needed when the absolute path has been changed, e.g. when a project has been moved to another folder
  • Long folder names are displayed truncated
  • Wind speed and wind direction values are rounded when importing from *.akterm files
  • Copy the previous used coverage value to new created vegetation data items
  • Remove an initial empty item when importing point source or receptor data to an empty data struc-ture (this bug led to an additional item on position 1)