Graz Lagrangian Model

Release Notes (v22.09)

New features

  • The application has been transformed to .NET6
  • It provides the following benefits:
    • Improved High-DPI support for scaled high resolution screens
    • Better performance: reading *.wnd files improved by a factor of 2, redraw of huge concen-tration maps about 30% faster
    • publishing of single files including the entire required framework
    • native Windows-ARM support
    • improvements due to future developments by Microsoft
  • The routine for reading in the wind fields no longer breaks if a wind field is missing or cannot be read, but searches for other existing wind fields and reads them if possible.
  • During the match process the original meteorological file and a preview of the matched wind rose at a wind measurement point can be displayed, but now it is also possible to write a temporary *.met file, which can be analyzed during the match process in the Meterology tab.
  • In the Layout Manager, the contour line file and the layer name can be checked and changed (see chapter 11.4)
  • New dialog for the statistical conversion equations from NOx to NO2
  • When evaluating the concentrations, the output window is no longer closed automatically. The average emisson modulation for each source group and the output files are displayed.
  • When displaying the total emissions, the evaluation of the emission in the transient mode is now performed for the available time period


Bug fixes

  • An error that occurred when the operating system reported 0 free processor cores, resulting in a division by 0, has been fixed
  • An incorrect concentration evaluation above buildings for calculations with flat terrain was fixed
  • In the transient calculation mode with flat terrain, building heights were included as terrain in the 3D concentration file